Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to contact MHE?

MHE can be contacted:

Via phone: +31 (0)6 - 82 53 22 99

Via email:;

However, a phone call makes the contact way quicker, MHE is also responding in the shortest time possible to any email received regarding forklift enquiries or otherwise.

Why should I choose MHE?

MHE is an independent specialist in used forklifts, excavators and warehouse equipment. We are stand for transparency and building and keep long-term relationships. All of our machines being tested, controlled, cleaned and if necessary we carry out small repairs.

What type of machines you are selling?

MHE’s stock is composed from forklifts, warehouse equipment, telescopic handlers and earthmoving, however forklifts being the vast majority of the inventory. Out of the large number of forklifts, most of them are represented by electric forklifts as MHE is a specialised dealer in electric machinery.

How can I be announced about new forklifts in MHE’s stock?

By sending an e-mail to info@mhe-trading, you can be instantly subscribed to the weekly newsletter sent by MHE about the new stock and the best machines available in stock.


How can I be sure about the quality of the forklifts?

All the forklifts sold by MHE are previously checked and assessed. All of them are in good condition, therefore a video of every working machine can be provided. A personal visit at our location is also possible. We do give an honest and proper advice of the actual state of the equipment. As an extra (cost will be charged) we can offer a full inspection and clear listed repair advise of the particular forklift equipment.

How can I be sure about the quality of the battery?

All the machines in MHE’s stock are previously assessed and in a good condition. However, for a detailed view of the quality of the forklift’s battery, MHE can offer as an extra (cost will be charged) an inspection of the battery to determine its lifetime and further provide advice to the customer regarding the optimal use of the battery.

Is delivery, transport or shipping provided by MHE?

If the customer does not wish to arrange the transportation himself, MHE can provide this extra service, however the costs of transportation are never included in the price of the forklift.

What is the delivery time?

Machines displayed on our website are all directly available from our stock. Delivery is made immediately after the full payment has been made, therefore the time of transportation is fully according to the logistic company.

Is the loading of the forklift for transportation provided?

Our company has a loading ramp so it will be possible to load the forklift in closed trailers or lorries by our ramp.

Is it also possible to buy extra attachments for forklifts?

Yes. We have a wide range of different (used) attachments that can be linked to the forklifts so they serve to different purposes.

For more details contact us at:

What are the differences between the types of mast?

Single – The single mast has just one stage with a very limited lifting height. This type of mast is usually seen in outdoor applications, not common on forklifts but mostly used at pallet stackers.

Duplex - The two-stage mast is more common, having free lift available. They are most commonly used indoor, while the biggest advantage of two stage mast forklifts is that they provide a great visibility. It is also a cheaper type of mast.

Triplex – With a lower closed height and higher total lift height, the three-stage mast is the most frequent type of mast, generally used in warehouses and trailers or containers for stacking pallets. This is the most popular mast for many applications, although a little more expensive.

Quad - A four-stage mast provides the biggest height possible combined with the lowest possible building height, reaching more than 7 meters due to its three sets of moving rails. Forklifts with this type of masts are usually seen in special applications, such as warehouses where very high stacking is required.

Will the battery charger be included when I buy an electric forklift?

No, normally we don’t sell our electric trucks including a battery charger. For a small extra fee, we can deliver a used tested charger or a new charger that can fit the battery of the forklift.

When I buy an LPG forklift is there an LPG fuel tank included?

No normally we don’t deliver our IC LPG forklifts trucks with an LPG fuel tank. 


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